Gudang Garam endavor is always marked by hard work, commitment, innovation, and proud achievements.

Gudang Garam cigarette company is one of the leading companies within the cigarette industry in Indonesia that has been established since 1958 in the town of Kediri, East Java. Until now, Gudang Garam has widely known both domestically and abroad as a producer of high quality kretek clove cigarettes. Gudang Garam products can be found in many varieties, ranging from SKL (sigaret kretek klobot or corn husk-wrapped clove cigarettes), SKT (sigaret kretek linting tangan or hand-rolled clove cigarettes, up to SKM (sigaret kretek linting mesin or machine-rolled clove cigarettes). For the true clove cigarettes lovers, we are committed to provide an outstanding experience in enjoying kretek clove cigarettes made from high-quality materials.




Gudang Garam Formed

Gudang Garam as the company name was founded in this year.


Gudang Garam Open New Branch

A production branch of hand-rolled kreteks and rolled kreteks was opened in Gurah, 13 kilometers Southeast of Kediri, to meet the increasing market demand. Every day, about 200 workers went back and forth Gurah-Kediri using special railway wagons provided by the Company.


Gudang Garam Open More 2 New Unit

As the business flourished, in September 1968 a production unit called Unit I was built on 1000 square metres land. In the same year, another production unit, Unit II, was also built.


Gudang Garam changed from Home Industry into a Firm

Keeping with the development and progress of the business, Gudang Garam, which started as a home industry, changed its status from a Private Company to a Firm. The production units were later moved from Gurah to Kediri.


Gudang Garam Changed from firm to PT

Gudang Garam expanded its Firm status to a Limited Company. Not only that, the company also received a facility of domestic investment from the government, which supported the company to more and more develop.


Gudang Garam Clove Cigarette Machine Developing Products

Gudang Garam developed Machine-Produced Kreteks product.


Gudang Garam shares recorded in the JSX and SSX

Gudang Garam registered its shares in Jakarta Stock Exhcange and Surabaya Stock Exchange, which marked the change of its status to a Public Company.


Gudang Garam produce Mild Cigarettes

Gudang Garam manufactured a new type of cigarette, mild kretek, which was marked with the establishement of Gempol Production Directorate in Pasuruan, East Java.


Gudang Garam expanded production

The company area has now expanded to 208 hectares from only 1000 square metres in the beginning, located in Kediri regency and Kediri city, also in Pasuruan area. In January 2013, it began to operate a new building in Jakarta, to support an increasingly progressive production process.


Started from a home industry, Gudang Garam cigarette company has grown and developed with a good corporate governance and based on the Catur Dharma (Four Ways of Life) philosophy. These values are our guide to the company’s code of conduct and performance, for the employees, shareholders and the wider community.

What Gudang Garam has accomplished today is certainly related with the important role of the founder, Surya Wonowidjojo. He was a true entrepreneur, matured by experience and business sense. In the eyes of the employees, he was not only acted as a leader, but also a figure of a father, brother, and friend, who is very concerned about the employees welfare.

Surya Wonowidjojo passed away on August 28, 1985, leaving a deep impression in the mind of not only employees, but also in the hearts of Kediri people and the surrounding communities. He was a role model who instilled noble values for the company, which is crystallized into the Company’s Catur Dharma (Four Ways of Life):

  1. A meaningful and useful life to the general public is a fundamental happiness.
  2. Hardwork, persistence, honesty, health, and faith is a prerequisite of success.
  3. Success can not be separated from the role and cooperation of others.
  4. Employees are the major business partner.

Founded in 2002, PT. Surya Madistrindo is a company owned by PT. Gudang Garam Tbk. that distributes Gudang Garam’s cigarettes along with 3 other distribution companies. In 2009, SM became the sole distributor which holds control over all distribution and field marketing strategies nationwide.

Based in Jakarta, SM has now developed and transformed into a professional and modern cigarette distribution company. Starting with only a few thousand employees, it has currently gained resources that reached over 14 thousand people spread through 12 regional offices and over 180 area offices in Indonesia.

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Juni Setiawati Wonowidjojo

President Commissioner

Appointed President Commissioner of the Company on June 20th 2009. Upon leaving high school, Mrs. Wonowidjojo was employed by the Company and she has been a Commissioner since 1983. She is related to Susilo Wonowidjojo, President Director and is affiliated to the Company’s shareholders. Concurrently, she serves as President Commissioner of PT Suryamitra Kusuma as well as Commissioner of PT Suryaduta Investama, PT Surya Wisata and PT Taman Sriwedari. She is also the President Director of PT Surya Pamenang and PT Surya Zig Zag.

Frank W. van Gelder

Independent Commissioner

Appointed Independent Commissioner of the Company on March 8th 2002. Currently he is Managing Partner of the consulting firm New Frontier Solutions Pte. Ltd., Singapore with an expertise in Risk Management. Formerly served with ABN AMRO bank for 12 years and with the World Bank Jakarta for 2 years. He holds a Masters Degree in Civil Law, Leiden University, Netherlands.

Lucas Mulia Suhardja


Appointed Commissioner of the Company on June 20th 2009. A general practitioner by professional background, Dr Suhardja formerly served the Company as Head of the Jakarta representative office from 1976 until 2009. He is a graduate of the Medical School, Airlangga University, Surabaya.

Gotama Hengdratsonata

Independent Commissioner

Appointed Independent Commissioner of the Company on June 24th 2014. He served as Commissioner of PT Semesta Indovest Securities, Jakarta from 2000-2019. Formerly served with Lippo Bank from 1985 to 2004 during which time he served as Group Head for East Indonesia. He graduated as a Civil Engineer from Feng Chia University, Taiwan.


Susilo Wonowidjojo

President Director

Appointed President Director on June 20th 2009. Mr. Wonowidjojo decided to leave high school assisting his father working in the Company. Over five decades, he has built an exceptional level of expertise through work experience in the field of procurement of raw materials, flavours, inventory and production management. He has served as a Director since 1976 and subsequently served as Vice President Director since 1990.

He is related to Juni Setiawati Wonowidjojo, President Commissioner and is affiliated to the Company’s shareholders. Concurrently, he serves as President Commissioner of PT Surya Madistrindo and Commissioner of PT Surya Air and PT Surya Dhoho Investama. He is also the President Director of PT Suryamitra Kusuma and Director of PT Suryaduta Investama, PT Suryaduta Mandiri, and PT Surya Halim Karya Sejahtera.

Heru Budiman


Appointed Director on June 9th 2000. Joined the Company in 1990 with responsibilities for Treasury and Investor Relations. Appointed as Corporate Secretary in 1996. His background includes senior management positions with international and leading national banks. He holds a Bachelors Degree in English, Satya Wacana University. He is a Commissioner of PT Graha Surya Media, PT Surya Abadi Semesta and PT Medika Madistrindo Perkasa. He also serves as President Director of PT Surya Madistrindo.

Herry Susianto


Appointed Director with responsibility for Finance on June 25th 2007. His previous position was Internal Audit Head, a role he filled between 2002-2007. He served as Head of accounting division from 2001 to 2002. Joined the Company in 1983 and was assigned to the accounting division. He holds a Degree in Law from Airlangga University, Surabaya and a Masters in Management from Gajayana University, Malang. Concurrently, he serves as a Commissioner of PT Surya Madistrindo and PT Surya Inti Tembakau. He is also the President Director of PT Graha Surya Media and Director of PT Surya Air and PT Surya Abadi Semesta.

Istata Taswin Siddharta


Appointed director on June 27th 2012 with major responsibility for Information Technology. Joined the Company in 2008 and served as Deputy Marketing Director from 2008 to 2010. Formerly served as partner of KPMG Indonesia and has extensive experience as a public accountant for 20 years. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Accounting, University of Indonesia, Jakarta. Concurrently, he serves as a Commissioner of PT Surya Pamenang, PT Surya Zig Zag and all subsidiaries of PT Surya Madistrindo except PT Medika Madistrindo Perkasa. He serves as a President Director in PT Surya Dhoho Investama and Director of PT Surya Madistrindo and PT Surya Kerta Agung.

Andik Wahyudi


Appointed Director on June 26th 2019 with responsibility for production facilities at Kediri which include SKT, SKM as well as the maintenance of all secondary processing machineries. Joined the Company in October 2013 and served as Deputy Director of SKT Production. Prior to this, he worked at several leading cigarette companies in Indonesia and has vast experience in cigarette production. He earned his Bachelors Degree in Management from Kertanegara School of Economics, Malang.

Hamdhany Halim


Appointed Director on June 26th 2019 with responsibility for SKM production facilities at Gempol. Joined the Company in January 2019 and served as Deputy Director of Production Directorate Gempol. Previously held
various managerial positions at several leading cigarette companies with assignments in Indonesia as well as overseas and is experienced in the field of cigarette production and engineering. He earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta and Master of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the National University of Singapore.

Sony Sasono Rahmadi

Independent Director

Joined the Company in 2012 and was appointed Director with responsibility for printing operations of cigarette packaging on June 27th 2012. From 2008- 2012, served as Director at PT Cipta Kretek Nusantara and PT Karyadibya Mahardhika. Prior to that, he worked at PT Surya Zig Zag during which time he served as General Manager and Management Representative. Appointed Independent Director in 2014. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Chemical Engineering from the Institute of Technology, Sepuluh Nopember, Surabaya.


Deed No. 2 dated 2 August 2021



Guidelines of the Board of Directors and the Board of Commissioners


The Audit Committee is an independent committee whose members are appointed by and responsible to the Board of Commissioners. Its main duties are to assist the Board of Commissioners in overseeing the company to ensure that good corporate governance practices are implemented and all aspects of risk management relating to the operations of the company are effective.

Members of Audit Committee

Gotama Hengdratsonata
Chetryana Gunardi
Tony Gunawan
Audit Committee Charter

Disclosure on the Change of Audit Committee, 1 July 2015


The functions, duties and scope of work of Internal Audit are governed by the Board of Directors. These include the role to review the accuracy and reliability of financial reporting, policies and procedures, ensuring the effectiveness of internal control system in each unit, including proper security of assets and routine assessment of the company's operational efficiency levels. All Internal Audit reports are submitted directly to the President Director. Suwardi serves as Internal Audit Head.

Internal Audit Charter


The Corporate Secretary acts as liaison between the Public Company as issuer of shares and shareholders, OJK, Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) and other stakeholders, as required. Corporate Secretary is responsible to ensure that Gudang Garam complies with regulations and advisory notices issued by the Capital Market Authority and advises the Board of Directors and the Board of Commissioners on any issues in this respect. Corporate Secretary also keeps the Capital Market Authority and all shareholders informed on the company's business performance through among others, the publication of financial reports, meetings requested from time to time and via an annual public expose. Heru Budiman, Director, serves as Corporate Secretary.


Information Disclosure on the Function of Nomination and Remuneration


Code of Conduct


Risk Management Company Policy


Organization Structure


Corporate Structure


Gudang Garam and its subsidiaries provide livelihoods for a workforce of 30,940 at the end of 2020.

As one "big family", employee welfare is a priority, from proper safety practices to the provision of sport and health facilities. Training in the areas of leadership, managerial, administrative, and technical skills are held from time to time through a mixture of internal and external courses.